Thursday, June 30, 2011

Return From White Tantric Yoga at Kundalini Summer Solstice Event in New Mexico

Well, I'm back from my spiritual trip to Ram Das Puri at Summer Solstice doing Kundalini Yoga!

Kundalini Yoga at Ram Das Puri 2011
Ever have something happen in your life that you just want to share with everyone! White Tantric Yoga is that for me. I know there are many roads to the same place, but this really does it for me. It's a gathering I go to in New Mexico every Summer Solstice, and spend weeks working and doing yoga, and three days around solstice, we do White Tantric Yoga. 

You have a partner, and sit across from them in 'tantric lines'. Once tuned in, you can't cross lines, or get up, you can raise hands and monitors walk up and down lines to replace you. You are often looking into partner's eyes and doing postures. This year, there were 15 62 minute meditations like this. 

Kundalini Yoga Class at Solstice
I've had amazing experiences in the tantric lines especially when I allow for the 'pain' and am curious about it, and what it's attached to so I can let it go. When I go deep, I really feel the collective energy, and how we all really are ONE, how deeply we are really connected. The vulnerability and strength mingle and I'm humbled at how much compassion and infinite love there is available to me always. In that moment, as when in a lucid dream, I promise myself I won't forget this...and the yoga is a way to make sure I don't!

Preparation for White Tantric Yoga
Being an 'Air Tattva' year, it was so amazing how easy it was for me. (Aside from the fact that 50mph winds took down most the tents on tantric hill)  Heading out for this trip, I had been all geared up to release emotional blocks and have a nice catharsis, as it' supposed to be  a place where the collective group of over 2,000 people meditating on sacred Hopi Land, all dressed in white allow a sort of subconscious block release. But no. It was easy? 

I had a real culture shock when I returned and faced a whole wall of rage, and am now quite clear that the 40 days after this event is where the challenge is going to be.  I must FEEL these emotions and allow myself to transform by going thru it. 
White Tantric Yoga and the beauty of working with a partner is exactly the inspiration of why I'm using opposing signs in my calendar project. The gold is in that opponent, reflection of you.

Partner Work in Prep for White Tantric
If anyone during this time is called to work with me, to do Kundalini Yoga. I'm starting a 40 day meditation, and trying to do a Healing Ring of Tantra this New Moon.

Indeed, doing these kinds of meditations and keeping the discipline of consistency sets a new frequency in our lives.  I'm considering a Prosperity Meditation, the Air Tattva, and Kirtan Kriya all three for 40 days starting on this Cancerian New Moon.

We shall see how it goes. Please contact me if you would like to join me? We can do it at a distance or locally.

Stand by for Slideshow I'm doing for the 3HO (Healthy Happy Holy Organization) coming soon. I'm so grateful to have been able to have been on the Multimedia Team as my Seva!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

From the final shoot of the Astro Yoga Calendar of 2012 Project

The reason they are nude is not only for their beauty, but to explore abandoning illusion and allowing authentic self thru in the context of performance and photo art. My intention is to explore the notion that when we integrate the 'opposition' in our lives, it is the first step towards wholeness. If we do it all as a unit, there is a gestalt that speaks of ecstatic freedom. This group shoot, for me, was the height of this series, and here, the beginning of our conversation.