The Fingerlakes Yoga Festival: Our Yogic Community let's it's hair down

The second ever. Last year's was at the posh Greek Peak, and was wonderful, but this year is even bigger, more whole,  with all the space and camping and down home vibrations. I'm a believer in Huck and his friends...all of us...who can come together as a community and share our yogic influences without pretense. I always say he reminds me of the man (seems to be 'channelling him') who put together Woodstock back in 'the day'.  There is something very organic, intuitive yet savvy about Huck, yes, a very Cancerian self proclaimed "alpha male" who has put together Fingerlakes Yoga Festival at a campground out in Trumansburgh, NY.

Click here to check out FLYF going on NOW  I have to get going, and catch the last 24 hours of this festival myself, so I'm going to keep this entry short, just wanted to share and support yet another blossom in the fertile land that is the Ithaca Region in the realms of integration and community.

It was wonderful to see Astrid Jirka (Aries), Ethan Sisser (Taurus), Lennessa (Virgo) and Mikey Shantaya (Capricorn), and Lyca Michael (Leo), from our Astro Yoga Circles (Calendar of 2012)...and to start to think about the next year's calendar being formed...I feel truly a part of this community both reflecting and reflected by one another's beauty.

One Love Devotional Chant and The Pranadhanas, ones whom I've collaborated in the past with when we did Mandala ( a pivotal piece and the 'we are together' love-piece for 12th Moon and I sort of initiating the beginning of our love relationship to the community ), were doing their thing...both these entities have evolved so much as well, and are truly capturing the spirit of Kirtan and Yoga Dance and so wonderfully sharing in a communal way. It's so easy to just jump on stage and do open mic and to flow into acro yoga postures led by the amazing teachers at FLYF.

Here is Huck before the festival communing with the land.

AKA "Mathiew Ingles" Huck is a sweet guy who truly wants to not just throw a big party for the community, and start a movement in the yogic consciousness but is an amazingly inspiring yoga teacher. This is a Yoga Festival for sure...full of joy and sharing.

Here are some more bits from the festival...hope you enjoy... and hope to see you there...

Here is Lyca Mikhael and (please let me know musician's name?) guiding FLYF attendees in an Elemental Chakra yoga/ Contact Yogadance class. Definitely something only this teacher could bring to us in this way. It's so nice even after working with you and Crystal Amethist with Leo/Aquarius alignment, Lyca, to have so many layers being revealed in your role as a teacher, leader, student of the elements... you were such an integral part of the group, and so very beautifully heart centered (Leo).
This was just one of three yoga classes happening at that moment.

"I step into the flow and then I let it my mind, my heart and my soul.....I SURRENDER"
From one of the many involving musical performances of One Love Devotional Chant that just gets you singing and dancing from the soul. My favorite part of this is the absolute surrender to the divine.

These folks are amazing...if you ever have a chance to catch One Love, do yourself a favor and attend. As I told the lead singer, Jody Kessler yesterday my daughter has grown up with these chants as her 'favorite' songs, and sings them to herself as she does artwork, or plays. They are truly a molder of our local culture, connecting us to a variety of disciplines and religions while standing in the yogic

Ok, I have to jump in the shower now,  and not miss the festival for writing about it on my are some more images to whet your appetite....see you there!

 Above is a Blindfold Yoga Class led by Courtney Novak, RYT
 Above are two amazing Thai Yoga folk Ethan Sisser at Right. The lovely lady is one of the most uplifting new friends I've made thru FLYF, Jeannine Gettis

 Lyca Michael's Class.
 Above is Partner Yoga From Astrid Jirka's Class teaching with her husband, Christian.
  Lyca Mikhael's Class.

....and with the music from the following video in my head...I am OFF to FLYF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(PS Anyone out there with a 'steady cam' please contact me...thanks Ethan for the video cam loan)

Beauty Before Me...Beauty Behind Me...Beauty Beneath Me...Beauty Above...Beauty Surrounds all around enCIRCLES me with LOVE.....(sung by Jody Kessler)


Jen Bair said…
The artist is the first video is Matt Vinuti and he plays the hang instrument (pronounced "hung"). He is on FB