Video I made three years ago for Birth Fair

This has stood the emotional test of time for me, anyhow.  I hope to see you at the Ithaca Birth Fair as put o by the Birth Net of the Fingerlakes this  Saturday 11-4 at Women's Community Building.

I loved putting this slideshow video together last Birth Fair, but projected it live with Joe Smellow accompanying if you were there, you'll remember, way different experience. I so look forward to going to the Birth Fair this year. I hope to see you there. Our Ithaca, NY has the most amazing Birthing community supporting women and midwives, men and children to have the birth they desire. I am so deeply touched by this experience of working so intimately with women when they are pregnant. To be creative with a woman during this window of time in their lives is my deepest honor.

Truly, you are goddess embodied, and shall be treated as such. My hope, in my own way, is to remind you of that!

Thank you to Eric 12th Moon for Mandalas and the beautiful voice of Amanda Rodgers for her music that inspires me to tears every time. If you are not already a fan, check out some of her cds, she's amazing!!!! (Fellow Saggitarian of course)