"My Mother Was Born on the Day of the Dead"

I've always loved that line, and like to say I'd start a novel with that line. My Mom is a Scorpio...and I've certainly learned a lot about this sun sign from her. I am very committed to embracing the meanings of Scorpio. It's when rituals such as Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, and Halloween happen. The mirror opposite time from Belthane in Spring when everyone frolics and procreates and flashy buds crop up everywhere...now (End October, Most of November) is a time of beautiful depth, dark earth tones, and potential for release....Yes, I do have a sweet spot for Scorpio (and about 3 planets in the 10th house).

Photo by Damaris: From Astro Yoga Calendar 2012: Integration of Opposites
It's been long stated that there are three types of Scorpios, or a phase someone who is Scorpionic could be in...
The Scorpion: "Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't help but to hurt you..." Or what I like to call the 'baby viper' the immature but powerful one who uses ALL the power in one bite and wears itself out...
The Snake: The classic symbol of Transformation...an uncomfortable crawling out of old skin...shedding the old...like Mother Nature right now is shedding leaves from trees to make compost for spring...
The Eagle: Highest form of Transformation or Enlightenment
We view this sign we are in right now as a time of Death and Rebirth, it's the "Death Card" Trump in Tarot Major Arcana which heralds not death literally but transformation like diving into uncharted territory coming out the other side a new being.
This is where I like to interject the imagery of the Phoenix...all must come down to ash before the magnificent bird is reborn and again sets flight. To me, this is what this sign is about. This is also why I chose to represent it as a 'yonic' symbol of birth...but made sure the element of water and darkness hinted to a sense of flight. It was such a joy to work with this trio in this picture...two Scorpios and a Taurean...quite a sensual combination of Earth and Water symbolism.